Building Trust Through Advanced Science

NuChem propels the dream of a potential breakthrough into a workable reality.

Our Story

The company was launched in 2011. Since then we have established a diverse customer base of biotech, pharma and academic research laboratories within North America. Our senior team members have extensive experience in drug discovery project management. This expertise was developed while working in a broad range of therapeutic areas including inflammation, diabetes, bone, obesity, infectious diseases, cancer and pain.

Drug Discovery is our passion

Our scientific team consists of experienced researchers recruited from former pharmaceutical companies in Montreal including AstraZeneca and Merck. We have also drawn from the strong academic pool of young scientists produced by Canadian and international universities to create a dynamic mix of youth and experience.

Our Leadership Team

The NuChem Team has shown to be successful, creative, and efficient in past pharma settings as demonstrated by its collective track record in drug discovery prior to joining the CRO world.

The NuChem Team