in vitro Services

Decisions are based on screening data. Primary, on target, in vitro screen data THAT YOU CAN TRUST is the most important element you need for your program. During the course of internalizing assays, we have identified multiple flaws in more than 30% of the assays being run by other groups. Working with a trusted partner is paramount for project success.

Assay Development

At NuChem Sciences, we can help validate your target in cultured cells using siRNA, antisense oligonucleotides and reference small molecule inhibitors. Target inhibition can be monitored by gene expression and phenotypic assays for physiological end points.

We offer services in biochemical assay development, low and high throughput screening, recombinant enzyme assays, enzyme kinetic studies – either in conjunction with or separately from our Medicinal Chemistry services. Assay readout options include absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, fluorescence polarization, FRET and BRET. Our scientists have experience with kinase, phosphatase, protease, hydrolase, and transferase proteins, including enzyme kinetics and inhibitor mechanism-of-action studies.

We can evaluate the activity of your molecules using an array of phenotypic cell-based assays for various disease indications. The assays include proliferation, cytotoxicity, apoptosis, migration, differentiation, etc. The unwanted toxicity effects of compounds can be analyzed using human primary cells.

NuChem Sciences provides biomarker assay development and testing services to support the unique needs of your clinical development programs. We use immunoassay (ELISA, EIA), immunohistochemistry, genotyping, qRT-PCR and enzyme activity assay to develop, validate and perform biomarker studies in blood or tissue samples.

Our scientists have experience with kinase, phosphatase, protease, transferases, and oxidoreductases, including Absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, FRET, BRET, AlphaScreen, ADP Glo and other readout technologies.

Expert Consulting

NuChem scientific experts are able to offer valuable advice and valuate the current state of your project and design a plan that includes resources and budget to reach your next milestone or raise funding. This service can be applied to all project stages.


  • Asset Evaluation
  • Strategic planning
  • Data Review
Routine Screening

In addition to performing biochemical and cellular assay development, NuChem can also run routine assays for you, especially if the compounds are being made by NuChem or your overseas partner.


  • Internalize assays at NuChem from other CROs, Institutes or from your labs
  • Mix and Read commercial kits
  • FFS or FTE based mandates
Mode of Action

Proper enzyme mode of action determination through kinetic experiments is a lost art but a core expertise at NuChem.


  • Enzyme Kinetics
  • Mechanism profiling to help understand SAR
In Vivo Disease Models

A wide range of in vivo models are validated for routine studies at NuChem but we can also run pilot studies to develop new models that are project specific to your project.


NuChem Sciences provides comprehensive PK studies in rat, mouse, dog, non-human primate, mini-pig, guinea pig and rabbit. Our scientists have experience with various administration routes such as intravenous, intramuscular, intraperitoneal, subcutaneous injections; oral gavage, intra-duodenal and intra-rectal administration and can help you customize your PK models. We have strong expertise in general surgery techniques.

Bioanalytical method development and validation in different matrices (tissues) can be done.

Capability - Cell Biology
  • Target inhibition / binding assays
  • Calcium mobility assays
  • Cell proliferation, apoptosis and migration assays
  • Transcription activation luciferase reporter assays
  • Work with differentiated cell types (adipocytes, hepatocytes, monocytes) and PBMC
  • Protein post translational modification assays by Western and ELISA
  • Gene expression analysis by qRT-PCR, Quantigene, Western or ELISA
  • Image analysis using Immunochemistry
  • Accessible to FACS analysis in the building
  • Customized reagent generation (cell line, recombinant protein)

in vivo Services

Our scientists have extensive experience in various existing in vivo disease models as well as establishing new models; and are highly trained to perform rodent surgeries and dose via different routes. We have ready-to-use protocols for a variety of disease models and are able to perform PK/PD studies in multiple species, including rodents and non-rodents.

Capability - In Vivo Pharmacology
  • Expertise across drug administration routes in rodents
    • Systemic: iv, ip, im, po
    • GI: Bile duct, cecum, colon, duodenum, ileum, jejunum, stomach
    • Central: Intrathecal
  • Expertise in surgery
    • Bile duct ligation
    • Cecal ligation and puncture
    • Ureler ligation
    • Renal ischemia reperfusion injury
    • Surgery to induce neuropathic pain
  • Tissue / organ sample collections
  • On-site whole imaging of targeted organs / tissues
  • Biomarkers by FACS or in peripheral blood
  • Ready-to-use approved protocols for models in multi-disease indications

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