October 4, 2022

NuChem awards for the 2nd time its industrial scholarship to two promising students

One year ago, the first industrial scholarship was awarded to three students in their final year of doctoral studies. NuChem Sciences has reiterated its commitment to the training of future scientific researchers in university by awarding this scholarship for the second time.
In September 2022, two students were selected for the quality of their profile from two Canadian institutions:

– Vincent Trudel (University of Toronto)
– Corentin Cruché (University of Montreal)

These students will receive a financial contribution of $20,000 CAD as well as the opportunity to do their industrial postdoctoral training at NuChem Sciences for 12 months in the best laboratories in North America.

NuChem Sciences continues to be a major player in the drug discovery community by building strong relationships with emerging scientists.

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