October 26, 2022

NuChem ranks 44th of the top 300 most important small and medium enterprises in Quebec

On the annual top 300 list produced by Les Affaires NuChem ranked in the top 50, and is the only Contract Research Organization (CRO) on the list, which is considered a benchmark for the entrepreneurial community. 

After joining forces with OmegaChem in 2021, NuChem became Canada’s largest CRO in drug discovery in chemistry. Not only did that growth strengthen the medicinal chemistry expertise of the NuChem team, it increased the number of employees to 300 in six locations in Québec.  

 “We always put the science first, even when that means delaying growth to find the right people,” says Marc Lebel at NuChem. “Achieving this kind of growth in a scarce labor market is significant.”

Ranking on the top 300 list underscores the position NuChem Sciences occupies as a leading CRO in North America. The team of world-class scientists at NuChem offers a wide range of expertise including oncology, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, rare diseases, infectious diseases and pain. The company continues to grow, with the recent acquisition of IniXium allowing NuChem to also provide crystallography and protein production services.

The successful growth of NuChem is thanks to the dedication and commitment of upper management, scientists, support teams, and partners. We’re proud of all that we have accomplished, and are excited about new opportunities to transform ideas through science.

Transformer les idées par la science

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