April 15, 2021

NuChem Sciences announces new Discovery Partner Program™

Ever since it entered the market, NuChem Sciences has cultivated a team of the best minds in drug discovery – from experienced veterans of the industry to a new generation of proven talent. With our diversified knowledge base and track record of responsive communication, we are pleased to launch the NuChem Sciences Discovery Partner Program™.

The Discovery Partner Program™ allows the world-class scientists at NuChem Sciences to serve as an extension of our clients’ teams. This service offers our team’s superior talent and our cutting-edge scientific technology, paired with efficiency and clarity along the drug discovery journey.

Designed to be unifying and agile, the program is fully equipped to overcome the biggest challenges in drug discovery. It is where the most experienced minds from NuChem Sciences and our client join forces to innovate, to inspire and to empower.

The Discovery Partner Program™ consists of the following elements:

Lead the Pack™

Medicinal Chemistry

Leveraging all data sources, combined with perfect chemistry execution, gives your Medicinal Chemistry project the edge

Hit finding: This is the genesis of the discovery path – the stage that starts it all. It is the seed for new proprietary chemical matter, from which great potential value is created.

Hit to lead: Chemical matter needs to go from great potential to actual value as an early lead, and to enable all stakeholders to nominate to lead optimization and reach the next level.

Lead optimization: This is an all-hands-on-deck effort, with the desired profile of the development candidate in sight. Our team carefully selects the right series to propel your drug discovery project forward and identifies potential backup compounds.

Revisit Possible™

Chemical Development

Many routes have been tried before, but the right path is needed for your chemical development milestones. Our team creates the physical material needed for key studies to transform your development candidate into a clinical compound.

Beyond the Kit™

In Vitro Assay Development

Biochemistry, enzymology and cell biology work closely together to reinvent assays that lead to clear, game changing answers.

Target Insight™

In Vivo Pharmacology

Keeping the target in sight, in vivo efficacy profile allows us to consistently make the right decisions every step of the way.

We are Pharma™

Expert Scientific Project Management and Integration

A new era brings a new reality. Together with our customers, we are pharma.

Our team of dedicated scientists are ready to assist companies at the early stages of drug development and to use their advanced expertise to provide tangible and effective results.

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