April 15, 2021

NuChem Sciences launches new brand and announces new name

After experiencing exponential growth in recent years, NuChem Therapeutics is proud to launch its new brand identity. As part of this exciting step forward, we will adopt a new corporate name: NuChem Sciences.

With an unparalleled knowledge base and a truly unique collaborative process, NuChem Sciences propels the dream of a potential breakthrough into a workable reality. Our new brand identity and company name reflect this, while highlighting the full scope of our services.

Since its founding, NuChem has earned a reputation for providing non-obvious scientific solutions to complex challenges through advanced drug discovery. We have achieved this by employing the best minds in the industry and empowering them to deliver exceptional results.

Our team is brought together in a culture of innovation and is driven by unrelenting curiosity and a desire to make the world a better place. Every member of the NuChem Sciences team invests themselves in the success of our clients, using advanced science to transform ambitious ideas into groundbreaking and realistic results.

The NuChem Sciences brand also reaffirms the organization’s passion for quality and excellent record of earning the trust of numerous partners throughout the industry.

As we move forward with our new brand identity, our team will continue to provide the strategies and tools to empower our clients and partners to meet their objectives and exceed expectations.

At a time when the world needs innovative and competitive solutions to a wide range of health challenges, we are excited about the role NuChem Sciences will continue to play as it helps companies transform ideas through science.

Transformer les idées par la science

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