Webinar 1

Powerful Collaborative Research Tools – In Silico Chemistry

This is the first in a series of webinars that NuChem Sciences and GridMarkets are producing, focused on the topic of Powerful Collaborative Research Tools.  In this webinar, we discuss how to accelerate the building of synthetically feasible libraries from virtual screens in MOE.  Here are main sections of the webinar:

00:00 – Kim Willsher – introductions

00:40 – Mark Ross (GridMarkets) – how the service works

07:11 – Ben Hill (Oracle) – GridMarkets/Oracle Security

09:54 – Marc Janes (NuChem) – intro to NuChem

15:22 – Ivan Franzoni (NuChem ) – case study

30:13 – Q/A

38:58 – Register for the next webinar (Dec 1) “Challenging Drug Discovery Project: Cloud Computing to the Rescue”

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