Behind the Science

Blending the Best of Two Worlds

An Interview with Dr. Yuniel Fernandez Marrero

In the heart of Sygnature Discovery’s vibrant research facility in Montreal, Dr. Yuniel Fernandez Marrero stands as a beacon of innovation and dedication.

Working in a chemistry lab in Canada is a dream come true

A conversation with Claire Chatalova, Ph.D.

An organic chemist at NuChem Sciences – a Sygnature Discovery Business, explains why she loves solving chemistry problems and offers advice for women pursuing careers in science.

Moving from France to Canada to become a research scientist in chemistry at OmegaChem.

A conversation with Gary Vallon

Six years after immigrating, Gary leads a group of scientists as they research potentially life-changing treatments for various health conditions.

What is green chemistry in drug discovery?

A conversation with Yacoub Fall

At OmegaChem, Yacoub does all he can to reduce the environmental impact of his reactions. He tells us about green chemistry and his career in drug discovery.

Why do academics shy away from working in industry?

A conversation with Senior Scientist Abbas Abdoli.

A Senior Scientist at NuChem Sciences explains why the stressful transition from academia to industry was worth it.

Why perseverance is crucial in chemistry careers?

A conversation with Clément Poittevin, Senior Scientist I

OmegaChem chemistry scientist Clément Poittevin talks about the need for resilience and teamwork in the face of challenges in the lab.

The benefits of a dual internship in both medicinal and process chemistry

A conversation with Junior Research Scientist Mathieu Truong

We spoke with Junior Research Scientist Mathieu Truong about his experience as the first international intern at OmegaChem.

Seeing creativity as essential in drug discovery

A conversation with Audrey-Anne Guilbault

We spoke with Audrey-Anne about the importance of creativity when solving challenges in drug discovery and her move from teaching to a fulfilling career in researching.

Promoting Women in Drug Discovery

A conversation with Yael Mamane, Ph.D.

We spoke with Yael Mamane, Senior Director Cell Biology & Translational Sciences, about her passion for drug discovery and why there’s such a disparity in the number of women who study science versus the number who pursue science as a career.

The role of drug discovery researchers in easing people’s suffering

A conversation with Kamar Sahloul, Ph.D.

Kamar Sahloul, Ph.D., tells us about her early experiences in chemistry and how focusing on the needs of patients drives her work in drug discovery.

How important is confidence in the chemistry lab?

A conversation with David Chai, Ph.D.

David recounts his professional journey so far and explains why confidence is an essential ingredient in any scientific career.

The importance of ensuring safety in the workplace

A conversation with Antoine Le Roux, Ph.D.

Antoine speaks about his chemistry career and the importance of working in a safe workplace.

What is it like to be a scientist in business?

A conversation with Hunter Shaw, Ph.D.

As he moves to business development, Hunter tells us about his successes so far and what he thinks lies ahead in the world of drug discovery.

6 ways computational chemistry can refine your drug discovery project

November 18, 2021

Using theory and informatic tools to help solve complex chemical problems, computational chemistry has revolutionized the way we practice science and develop drugs.

What’s so magical about chemistry labs?

A conversation with Éric Lévesque, Ph.D.

Éric Lévesque, Ph.D., tells us how chemistry can change the world.

How can a CRO become their customer’s team?

A conversation with Zuomei Li, Ph.D.

Zuomei Li tells us how CROs are leaders in pharma, and why creativity is so important – even in the most routine of tasks.

What qualities make a great leader in pharma?

A conversation with Kathryn Skorey

Our Senior Director of Biology tells us about her achievements beyond drug discovery, the importance of transparency at work, and why project managers need to be leaders and coaches.

What qualities do young scientists need to succeed in pharma?

A conversation with Maxence Bos, Ph.D.

Maxence tells us about what helped him grow his career, his desire to contribute to the scientific community and how rugby shaped his attitude to collaboration in the lab.

What is the secret ingredient for a productive work environment?

We ask Daniel Guay, Ph.D.

The Chief Scientific Officer of NuChem Sciences, tells us about what he looks for in his team and what the future holds for small molecules in treating diseases.