Synthetic & Medicinal Chemistry

Reach the Cutting Edge of Research.

Hit Finding

This is the genesis of the discovery path… The stage that starts it all. The seed for new proprietary chemical matter, from which great potential value is created.

Medicinal Chemistry Scientific Consulting

  • Prior art review – freedom to operate analysis
  • Design of novel proprietary chemical matter
  • Map out the initial synthetic plan

Computational Chemistry

  • Prior analysis and Go/No-Go assessment of the relevance of in silico to the project
  • Model preparation from available X-Ray or via homology modeling
  • Targeted virtual screening
  • Identification of synthetically feasible or commercially available hits

Synthetic Chemistry

  • Unlock the chemistry and make the compounds
  • Get new compounds screened to validate the design

Hit to Lead

Transformation of top initial hits to the actual value as early lead compounds. Enable all stakeholders to nominate to Lead Optimization and reach the next level.

Medicinal Chemistry Scientific Consulting

  • Provide scientific leadership and management
  • Design cores, analogs, and focused libraries
  • Work with biology to generate, analyze, and compile data
  • Collaborate with Computational Chemistry to establish SAR
  • Collaborate with Biochemistry & Cellular Biology for in vitro assays

      Lead Optimization

      An all-hands-on-deck effort with the desired profile of the development candidate in sight. Careful selection of the right series to push forward with potential backup compounds identified.

      Medicinal Chemistry Scientific Consulting

      • Provide scientific project leadership and management
      • Design cores, analogs, and focused libraries
      • Rapid candidate selection
      • Plan backup compounds
      • Collaborate with Cellular Biology for in vitro assays
      • Define Pharmacology and ADME-PK

        Chemical Development

        Making it real: enabling the chemistry to generate the material needed for key studies to convert a development candidate into a clinical compound.

        Route Scouting/Process development

        • Thorough evaluation to determine deficiencies in the original synthetic route
        • Exhaustive retrosynthetic analysis of the target compound to provide a thoughtfully different approach
        • Establishing a new route that is safe, scalable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective
        • Execution of the new approach and timely delivery of the requested material that meets the client’s specifications
        • Possibility to produce a non-GMP batch (up to 1 kg) of advanced synthetic intermediate or API 

          Tech Transfer to CMO

          • Generation of detailed report/technical transfer package suitable for a commercial scale CMO
          • Assisting in the implementation of the new process at the alternative facility