Process Chemistry

Innovative, Efficient & Reliable Solutions for Complex Process Chemistry Challenges.

Route Scouting and Process Development

Our process chemistry group is composed of highly skilled and creative organic chemistry scientists who have significant experience in synthetic chemistry and process development of drug candidates, intermediate compounds, and building blocks.

Our services include the following:

  • Thorough evaluation to determine deficiencies in the original synthetic route
  • Exhaustive retrosynthetic analysis of the target compound to provide a thoughtfully different approach
  • Establishing a new route which is safe, scalable, environmentally friendly, and cost effective
  • Execution of the new approach and timely delivery of the requested material that meets client’s specifications
  • Ability to produce multi-kilogram batches of non-GMP advanced synthetic intermediates or APIs
  • Identification of impurities and their synthesis when required

Cutting-Edge Technologies

NuChem process chemistry team experienced chemists exploit the potential of cutting-edge technologies to work more efficiently. Our flow chemistry systems offer precise control and high-throughput reactions, while our photochemistry and electrochemistry capabilities allow for unique synthetic pathways. Our state-of-the-art cooling systems provide optimal conditions for even the most temperature-sensitive reactions. Experience the benefits of large scale chemical synthesis with NuChem’s innovative technologies.


Our process chemistry team uses stateof-the-art chemistry methodologies and creative design of synthetic routes to develop processes suitable for the larger-scale manufacturing of drug candidates. We have the capability to prepare complex, challenging molecules in house, accommodating multi-kilogram requirements as needed.

Our scalable equipment includes the following:

  • Glass reactors up to 50 L (temperatures from -78 °C)
  • Hastelloy reactors up to 7.5 L (pressure up to 200 psi) with heating/cooling systems
  • Process safety assessment (Thermal Screening Unit)
  • CombiFlash Torrent System for large scale purification
  • Preparative SFC for complex purification up to 400 mL/min & 1 kg scale

Technology Transfer to CMO

To ensure the smoothest possible transition, NuChem follows a proven transfer process.

Our transfer process includes the following:

  • A detailed report/technical transfer package suitable for a commercial scale CMO
  • Detailed analytical conditions to ensure proper reaction monitoring and identification of product and impurities
  • Assistance with implementation of the new process at the alternative facility