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Challenging Chemistry?

An overseas CRO had been working for 8 months to enable scaling up from 10 mg synthesis to 1 kg synthesis, but a troublesome step did not allow scale up further than 100mg. NuChem was mandated to investigate the issue and within 2 days, our chemists identified the problem as an undesired reaction pathway leading to a side product. We redesigned the route which enabled a 1 kg synthesis to proceed a few months later.


Powerhouse team at your disposal

Knowledge and experience are essential for project success. Benefit from the extensive know-how our leadership team provides from decades of experience in drug discovery, developing marketed drugs and multiple clinical candidates. With a strike force of around 200 chemists, the NuChem chemistry team has a proven track record, is the biggest in North America and could become part of your team.


Cutting-edge services

Wherever you are in your drug discovery process, our team is dedicated to meeting your every need at every stage of your drug discovery journey. With a flexible and collaborative approach, we’ll work closely with you to provide customized solutions that fit your evolving project requirements. Use the services you require, including freedom to operate analysis, lead optimization, process development and more. Trust us to deliver exceptional results, every time.


An unparalleled knowledge base

Whether you’re targeting to synthesize a single compound, a set of compounds, or a compound library, the NuChem team will provide an unparalleled knowledge base for your projects. Our team of chemists has extensive experience in synthetic chemistry and has developed strong candidate molecules. We provide custom synthesis services to both academia and industry. NuChem teams will execute each project to the high standards required its clients.


Partnership for every stage of the development process

Partner with NuChem for expert guidance and maximum value in your medicinal and/or synthetic chemistry projects. Our team is dedicated to collaborative success and brings a unique mindset to the table, expertly managing communication and logistics for optimal project outcomes. By sharing knowledge and experience, you’ll benefit from our team’s expertise every step of the way. Trust us to be your partner for excellence and guide your projects to success.