Webinar 3

Molecular modeling in the cloud: A turnkey solution for scalable simulations

As a CRO that is continuously at the forefront of innovation and technology, NuChem Sciences is proud to present a webinar with GridMarkets and Chemical Computing Group (CCG) on the results of our recent collaboration in molecular modeling in the cloud.

This partnership helped us to set up a high-performance MOE calculation through the GridMarkets platform, which enabled us to conduct a virtual screening campaign on an unprecedented scale while meeting tight time constraints.

Webinar 2

Challenging Drug Discovery Project: Cloud Computing in the Rescue

We are proud to present a webinar on how we collaborated with GridMarkets to overcome a difficult drug discovery challenge. When finding the right molecules, meeting deadlines and staying within budget proved to be impossible, the companies used cloud computing to find a new way forward.

The result? They found hits to form the basis of a new chemistry campaign – quickly and efficiently. 

Webinar 1

Powerful Collaborative Research Tools – In Silico Chemistry

This is the first in a series of webinars that NuChem Sciences and GridMarkets are producing, focused on the topic of Powerful Collaborative Research Tools.  In this webinar, we discuss how to accelerate the building of synthetically feasible libraries from virtual screens in MOE.