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A New Discovery

August 1, 2023

NuChem is delighted to announce its acquisition by leading integrated drug discovery provider, Sygnature Discovery.

This acquisition cements Sygnature Discovery as one of the world’s largest players in integrated drug discovery phase solutions and advances their vision to become the global market leader.


NuChem Symposium 2023

September 22, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming NuChem Sciences Symposium, a unique event designed to foster collaboration and bridge the gap between academia and industry in the field of biology and medicinal chemistry for drug discovery.


The benefits of a dual internship in both medicinal and process chemistry

A conversation with Junior Research Scientist Mathieu Truong

We spoke with Junior Research Scientist Mathieu Truong about his experience as the first international intern at OmegaChem.


Nuchem Sciences offers a collaborative engagement at every stage of the discovery process

Hit Finding

This is the genesis of the discovery path… the stage that starts it all. The seed for new proprietary chemical matter, from which great potential value is created.

Hit to Lead

Transformation of top initial hits to actual value as early lead compounds and enable all stakeholders to nominate to Lead Optimization and reach the next level.

Lead Optimization

An all-hands-on-deck effort with the desired profile of the development candidate in sight. Careful selection of the right series to push forward with potential backup compounds identified.

Chemical Development

Making it real: Enabling the chemistry to generate the material needed for key studies to convert a development candidate into a clinical compound.


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