Transform Ideas Through Science

With an unparalleled knowledge base and a truly unique collaborative process, NuChem propels the dream of a potential breakthrough into a workable reality.


A new era for NuChem

After experiencing exponential growth in recent years, NuChem Therapeutics is proud to launch its new brand identity. As part of this exciting step forward, we will adopt a new corporate name: NuChem Sciences.



Partners in Discovery

With an unparalleled knowledge base and a truly unique collaborative process, NuChem Sciences propels the dream of a potential breakthrough into a workable reality by launching the Discovery Partner Program™



Nuchem Sciences offers a collaborative engagement at every stage of the discovery process

Hit Finding

This is the genesis of the discovery path… the stage that starts it all. The seed for new proprietary chemical matter, from which great potential value is created.

Hit to Lead

Transformation of top initial hits to actual value as early lead compounds and enable all stakeholders to nominate to Lead Optimization and reach the next level.

Lead Optimization

An all-hands-on-deck effort with the desired profile of the development candidate in sight. Careful selection of the right series to push forward with potential backup compounds identified.

Chemical Development

Making it real: Enabling the chemistry to generate the material needed for key studies to convert a development candidate into a clinical compound.


Core Capabilities

Medicinal Chemistry

Leveraging all data sources combined with perfect chemistry execution and discovery experience gives your project the edge: Lead the Pack™

In Vitro Biology

Biochemistry and cell biology working together to answer key questions and go Beyond the Kit™

Integrated Drug Discovery

A new era brings a new reality. Together with our customers: We are Pharma™

In Vivo Pharmacology

Keeping the target in sight with the desired in vivo efficacy in mind we consistently make the right day to day decisions using the Target Insight™ approach.

Chemical Development

Many routes have been tried before, but the ideal path is needed: Revisit Possible™


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Transform Ideas Through Science

A drug discovery and chemical development contract research organization.

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