November 24, 2023

NuChem Sciences Tops the Quebec SME Ranking in Les Affaires Newspaper

NuChem Sciences, a Contract Research Organization (CRO) specialising in integrated services for drug discovery, is pleased to announce that it has achieved first place in the 2023 Quebec SME ranking, tied with other Quebec-based companies. The ranking by Les Affaires newspaper highlights NuChem Sciences’ undisputed leadership in pharmaceutical research. This remarkable achievement is the result of numerous years of relentless effort and innovation that has led to the growth of the company.

The history of NuChem Sciences is one of rapid ascent, catalysed by strategic acquisitions. A 2021 acquisition of OmegaChem, a chemistry focused CRO based in Lévis, strengthened NuChem’s capabilities in medicinal chemistry, synthesis, and processes, thus expanding its service offerings. In 2022, NuChem Sciences also acquired IniXium, a CRO specialising in protein sciences (production and crystallization). This acquisition further solidified NuChem’s dominant position in North America and broadened its range of expertise to support the discovery of innovative drugs.

In addition to these acquisitions, NuChem Sciences reached a significant milestone in August 2023 by being acquired by Sygnature Discovery, a globally renowned CRO based in Nottingham, UK, also offering drug discovery services. This acquisition positioned the Sygnature Discovery Group as a global leader in integrated drug discovery services, becoming the largest player in the Western world.

Marc Lebel, President of NuChem Sciences and now a member of the board of directors of Sygnature Discovery Group, shares his enthusiasm for this strategic merger: “This is an extraordinary opportunity for NuChem Sciences to join the Sygnature Discovery Group in this new adventure. Together, we form a world-class team, ready to tackle all the challenges of 21st-century pharmaceutical research. This union marks the beginning of an exciting era for our employees, our clients, and our suppliers.”

Being ranked at the top of the Quebec SME ranking is well-deserved recognition of NuChem Sciences’ rapid growth and its ongoing commitment to excellence in pharmaceutical research. This achievement, combined with the acquisition by Sygnature Discovery, further strengthens NuChem Science’s international position in providing integrated services for drug discovery.

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