2nd NuChem Symposium 2023

October 4th, 2023 

On September 22, our headquarters on Cohen Street in Montreal was the scene of a mutually enriching encounter between academia and industry, thanks to the annual Symposium organized by NuChem Sciences. This event once again proved that synergy between these two worlds is not only possible, but extremely beneficial.

We were particularly delighted and proud to welcome over 50 students from universities in Quebec and Ontario, as well as their professors, our partners and customers (current, former and future!), for a total of over 100 guests. The enthusiastic participation of these young talents, as well as the more experienced speakers, demonstrated the importance of such gatherings in forging closer links between academia and industry, with the aim of ensuring a bright future for drug discovery in Eastern Canada.

The conferences presented offered new and inspiring perspectives, testifying to the richness and diversity of current research. Once again, we’d like to extend our warmest thanks to our speakers:

  • François Lévesque, Ph.D., Merck & Co 
  • Sabine Hadida, Ph.D., Vertex Pharmaceuticals  
  • André M. Beauchemin, Ph.D., Ottawa University 
  • Michel Bouvier, Ph.D., IRIC | Université de Montréal 

However, the highlights were not limited to the presentations. For many, guided tours of NuChem Sciences’ facilities were an opportunity to discover what goes on behind the scenes, to immerse themselves in the heart of innovation. There was something for everyone, from chemistry to biology!

But beyond the discoveries, it was the warmth and spirit of sharing that marked the day. The conviviality was palpable, encouraging genuine exchanges between students and our scientists. We’re convinced that these moments sowed the seeds of future collaborations, joint projects and perhaps even entrepreneurial adventures.

In conclusion, the success of this 2nd edition fills us with gratitude and enthusiasm for the future. We look forward to seeing you next year in Lévis, on the beautiful south shore of Quebec City, for the 3rd edition of the NuChem Symposium. Let’s continue to build bridges between industry and academia, for a future rich in discovery and innovation.