July 14, 2022

NuChem Sciences inaugurates its new laboratories and receives the Medal of the National Assembly of Quebec

Fresh from marking its 10th anniversary, NuChem Sciences has plenty more to celebrate in 2022.

On June 20, the company’s team of leaders, scientists and support staff joined elected officials and some 60 guests to inaugurate its new state-of-the-art laboratories on Dobrin Street, Montreal.

Marc LeBel, President of NuChem Sciences, was joined by Mrs. Marwah Rizqy, Member of the National Assembly of Quebec for Saint-Laurent and Mr. Alan DeSousa, borough Mayor of Saint-Laurent for this special event.

Just a short distance from NuChem’s other Montreal facilities on Cohen Street, the new laboratories are considered some of the most modern in North America. Designed by scientists for scientists, they are more spacious and meet the highest safety standards.

The new site is in addition to three others in Montreal and one in Lévis where, in total, 250 NuChem researchers and employees work together to pave the way for new drug treatments.

“NuChem has always been at the forefront of drug discovery and continues to innovate with new state-of-the-art laboratories. These facilities are a major asset to our life sciences industry and to all those who will benefit from the fruits of future research. I congratulate the entire team on their 10th anniversary and wish them many more years of innovation,” said Mr. Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy and Innovation of Quebec and Minister responsible for Regional Economic Development.

Left to right: Mr. Alan DeSousa, Mr. Marc LeBel, Ms. Marwah Rizqy


NuChem Sciences receives Medal of the National Assembly of Quebec

In addition to inaugurating the new laboratories, NuChem Sciences also received an incredible honor: the Medal of the National Assembly of Quebec. Mrs. Rizqy selected NuChem for this honor and the medal was presented during the inauguration.

Mr. LeBel expressed gratitude for the award on behalf of all NuChem employees.

“If NuChem can celebrate 10 years of achievements that have contributed to improving life expectancy and quality of life, it is thanks to its passionate and talented researchers and employees, and to our unique collaborative approach,” he said.

“Our successes, as well as this great recognition that is the Medal of the National Assembly, we also attribute to the support and invaluable contribution of all our stakeholders. I thank Mrs. Marwah Rizqy for selecting NuChem for this honor which coincides with a significant milestone in our history.”

Detail of the National Assembly Medal presented to NuChem

10 years of exceptional achievements

Speaking at the event, Mrs. Rizqy told attendees about the company’s profound impact on the province, tracing the company’s history from its foundations at the height of a financial crisis to its later successes.

“These 10 years of exceptional achievements reflect the undeniable quality of the organization and employees of NuChem Sciences,” she said. “Through their constant improvement and their internationally recognized expertise, they have made the community of Saint-Laurent and all of Quebec shine.”

“May this anniversary be a guarantee of continuity, because we all know that with its new laboratories, NuChem Sciences will continue to act as a pillar in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields,” she added.

Mrs. Rizqy also highlighted NuChem’s active involvement with Quebec’s academic community, which includes its fellowship for talented doctoral students in Canadian academic institutions.

Ms. Marwah Rizqy and Mr. Alan DeSousa inaugurate NuChem’s new laboratories

Research and therapeutic innovation essential to health

Mr. DeSousa praised NuChem’s success in becoming Canada’s largest Contract Research Organization (CRO) in drug discovery chemistry. He also commended the company’s choice to build another new world-class site in Saint-Laurent.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, research and therapeutic innovation have become essential to keeping our populations healthy. Innovation is part of our area’s DNA. I am therefore proud that Saint-Laurent is home to the largest Canadian Contract Research Organization in drug discovery chemistry, NuChem Sciences,” he said.

“This is also what a responsible economy is all about, the objective of the fifth axis of our 2022-2025 strategic plan. I warmly congratulate NuChem on its 10th anniversary and its medal from the National Assembly!”

After the event, guests had the opportunity to explore the laboratories on a guided tour and to meet the scientists on the frontlines of the company’s innovative research.

NuChem Sciences is grateful for this amazing recognition and remains focused on science and growth. It intends to continue to reinvest significantly in its employees and state-of-the-art equipment and to play a key role in research efforts leading to drug discovery.

Mrs. Marwah Rizqy and Mr. Alan DeSousa visit NuChem’s new laboratories


Photo credit: Antoine Le Roux
Video credit: Service Web Diffusion

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