June 20, 2022

NuChem Sciences: 10 years of accelerating drug discovery.Together.

In 2011, a small group of veterans of the pharmaceutical industry banded together to establish a CRO with a difference. Ten years later, NuChem Sciences has become Canada’s biggest Contract Research Organization (CRO) in drug discovery that is focused on medicinal chemistry.

Thanks to its team of world-class scientists and its expertise in a myriad of therapeutic areas – including cancer, inflammation, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, rare diseases, infectious diseases and pain – NuChem Sciences has built an enviable reputation in North America and shines a spotlight on the impressive know-how and excellence of scientists in Quebec on the international stage.

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of NuChem Sciences, read the highlights of our company’s past achievements and its vision for an even brighter future.  

Pursuing an innovative vision for our CRO

Bringing their experience from their time at the Montreal sites of global pharmaceutical companies like Merck Frosst, the founding members of the company now known as NuChem Sciences wanted to create a different kind of CRO: one that would transform ambitious ideas through science.  

Starting out as an internal provider for AmorChem, which owned NuChem, the team quickly earned a reputation for innovative approaches to drug discovery and collaborated with clients such as Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Roche on the development of potentially life-changing drugs.  

In 2015, NuChem started seeking out external clients, attracting interest from numerous biotechs in the U.S. and Canada.  

Building a culture of collaboration as the foundation of NuChem Sciences

Starting out as a team of three researchers, NuChem Sciences has grown to count hundreds of highly skilled scientists among its team members, from seasoned industry experts to a new generation of proven scientific achievers. This accomplishment is thanks to its focus on collaboration at all levels.

The culture of collaboration at NuChem extends to everyone our company works with, including:

  • All employees, from veteran scientists to promising young researchers
  • Members of our board of directors
  • Our diverse clients within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in North American and across the globe
  • Our funding partners
  • Our suppliers
  • Business associations, industry associations and sectoral groups
  • Higher education institutions in Canada and abroad, including universities that train the next generation of scientific talent
  • Elected officials and representatives of various levels of government

Scientists in the pharmaceutical and the biotech industries recognize the unique culture of innovation and collaboration at NuChem as well as the curiosity and passion that drives our company.

We are grateful to NuChem’s team members, leadership, stakeholders, partners and everyone who worked with our company over the past 10 years. They are crucial to the successes and achievements NuChem has experienced.

Expanding to respond to biology, pharmacology and computational chemistry needs

Building on our values of innovation and collaboration, NuChem Sciences soon began to seek out new ways to assist pharmaceutical and biotech companies in making a difference to health.

Amplia Pharmatek, which we welcomed to the NuChem family, brought their specialization and expertise in biology and pharmacology to our company. This allowed our company to further expand its contributions and service offerings to drug discovery projects around the world.

In 2021, NuChem joined forces with OmegaChem to become Canada’s largest CRO in drug discovery in chemistry. This exciting move strengthened our medicinal chemistry expertise and brought the number of our employees to 250 across four sites in Montreal and one in Quebec City.

NuChem also quickly recognized the ever-growing potential of computational chemistry. We also partnered with leading cloud computing experts to deliver a turnkey solution for scalable simulations, which enabled us to conduct virtual screening campaign on an unprecedented scale while meeting tight deadlines.

Building this diversified knowledge base has allowed NuChem to present its signature Discovery Partner Program™, which offers our company’s superior talent and cutting edge technology, paired with efficiency and clarity along the drug discovery journey.

However, NuChem never prioritized growth over quality. With a highly competitive process for selecting new employees, our company never compromises on scientific expertise and collaborative spirit.  

Acquiring state-of-the art facilities and equipment to deliver best results for clients

Along its 10-year journey, NuChem Sciences has remained focused on science and a high level of quality in everything it did ­– and still does. As such, our company continues to invest significantly in state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, all while achieving scientific excellence for the benefit of health.  

The newest laboratories at NuChem’s Dobrin site are considered among the most modern facilities of their kind in North America. Designed with the needs of scientists in mind, they are safer and more spacious than ever, allowing teams to let their creativity loose – a creativity that is essential in drug discovery. 

In 2021, a new chapter begins with a new name 

After this exponential growth, our company launched a new brand identity in April 2021: NuChem Sciences. The new name highlights our team’s unparalleled knowledge base and a truly unique collaborative process, while highlighting the full scope of our services. 

Ten years later, NuChem Sciences is still ready for what lies ahead 

Everyone at NuChem Sciences is immensely proud of what the innovative leaders, scientists and support staff of our company have accomplished together, with the support of clients and financial stakeholders. However, this first decade is just the beginning.  

The 10th anniversary of NuChem coincides with a time when humanity needs innovative and competitive solutions to numerous health challenges.

Other conditions like infectious diseases, rare diseases, inflammation, osteoporosis, cystic fibrosis, obesity and pain remain prevalent around the globe and require transformative and innovative drug discovery solutions.

In the face of these challenges, we remain excited and passionate about the role NuChem will play to make the world a better place as it helps more companies transform ideas through science.  

With you, NuChem Sciences is determined to build on its position as a leading CRO, together with its scientists, partners, and customers to find new solutions to health challenges and improve quality of life for all.





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